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Spice Up Your Kitchen This Fall

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Fall in Houston is more of an attitude than a season. The leaves aren't changing, we're still lounging poolside and can you even call yourself a Houstonian if you haven't sweated through a visit to a pumpkin patch? Luckily we don't let the temperature tell us what to do. It's Fall y'all, and the season just isn't long enough for all the pumpkin spice we need to cram into it! We've rounded up a few of our favorite seasonal baked goods to celebrate the arrival of the *idea* of cozy sweater season. Tell the kids to stop running in the sprinkler and get into the kitchen for some goodies!

Everyone needs a recipe for the perfect pumpkin bread, and for us, this is the one. You can keep it simple or throw in some chocolate chips or nuts--whatever you choose, this is always a crowd-pleaser. Double the recipe and keep one in the freezer for unexpected company. We also love to bake pumpkin bread in these cute polka-dot mini loaf tins to drop off for friends and neighbors!

It's not a cupcake if it doesn't have icing, so these definitely count as muffins, even though they definitely taste like the best mix of pumpkin bread and cheesecake. Survey says: healthy! Whip these up for a weekend breakfast or send them in lunchboxes with these happy little pumpkin wrappers for a fun fall school treat!

We've heard rumors of states in other climate zones that have places where you can pick your own apples and buy homemade apple cider doughnuts. We would never trade our tradition of queso around every corner for apple picking, but the idea of a homemade apple cider doughnut sounds like the very definition of Fall. Here you'll find the perfect recipe for an apple cider doughnut with an almost drinkable glaze. Now we can have our doughnuts AND our queso.

Chai spices are the epitome of Fall baking and Taylor Swift is coming out with a Fall album so it feels like these cookies are a must for your baking checklist this season. We loved this recipe before Taylor Swift decided to fancy it up, and now it's extra in the best possible way.

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